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Google removes the Galaxy Nexus from its Play Store listing

Galaxy Nexus

Following the recent patent infringement allegations by Apple, a court order last week had barred dealers from selling the Galaxy Nexus in the U.S. And obeying the orders, Google has now removed the device from its Play Store listing, tagging it as “coming soon”. We’re not sure what this means for existing owners of the device or the owners who have already ordered the device, but things certainly don’t look bright for Samsung and Google, with this being the primary Android device. The info comes as users were just starting to get excited about the new Jelly Bean update for Nexus devices.

While Samsung deserves most of the blame for the so called “patent infringement”, it’s the users who are bearing the brunt. It is believed that Google and Samsung have joined forces to combat Apple’s allegations. The Galaxy Nexus has seen considerable success in the country ever since it was launched. However, the company wouldn’t have expected this going into the month, especially with the Jelly Bean update in tow. Google has promised that the device will hit shelves later next week, though there’s no guarantee of that. It is being reported that the device is still selling on Verizon/Amazon without any troubles, though it is yet to be seen if the smartphone is actually passing the checkout stage.

A minor delay of two weeks shouldn’t hurt Google or Samsung much, but the uncertainty of its arrival is a cause for major concern. The court however has asked Apple to file a bond of $96 million to cover the damages of Samsung if Apple’s claims are refuted in the future. Alternate explanations for the coming soon tag of the device could be that the device just ran out of stock. We’ll know more in the days to come. The court gave out a similar ruling about the Galaxy Tab 10.1 yesterday, rejecting Samsung’s plea to stay the injunction.

Source: FOSS Patents
Via: GSM Arena

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