Google Offering 1000 MB Broadband

Google has recently launched their super fast broadband service, which they claim is 100 times faster than the average speeds experienced by most other internet users.

The company, which seems to be launching in all different directions, is rolling out Google Fiber to, currently only to excited users in Kansas City, U.S. who will see their internet reach dizzy speeds of up to 1,000Mb per second. What do speeds like that mean? Well to put into context, the current highest speed in Ireland is 120Mb, but few benefit from these speeds, with most managing on a paltry 8Mb line.

For users who are upgrading from a 10Mb line, what will these hyper speed connections mean in real life? Well, you can expect to download 100 photos in a mindboggling 3 seconds, compared to the current 4 minutes and 40 seconds. A 100 songs will also take a mere 3 seconds compared to 5 minutes and 28 seconds, and if you are a HD movie downloader, you can wave goodbye to the 10 minute and 56 seconds it takes now and download the movie in just 7 seconds!

The package does not just come with super fast broadband. Users of the service can benefit from other features, with the internet service also doubling as a TV package, allowing access to not only YouTube and Netflix, but hundreds of other high-definition TV channels. For multi person households, it also has the added ability to record eight TV shows at the same time, combined with 2TB of available storage, a great bonus for most households.

Probably not too surprisingly, Google has admitted there will be limited availability as they begin the rollout. They have stated users in the area will need to pre-register with them, at a cost of $10 and they ask you to encourage others in your area to do the same. The benefit of doing this is that starting on 9 September, Google will select the ‘fiberhoods’ with the most interest for their service to install first. So it really does give you the incentive to get out into your neighborhood and drum up some interest for this service, in the hope that you will be selected as one of the first to benefit. Either way, it’s highly likely this service will be rolled out more widely as more interest is attracted, but wouldn’t it be nice to be the first?

So now the tough bit. Of course, all this comes at a cost, so how hard will it hit your wallet. Well, Google has announced that the subscription cost to get the 1,000Mb line is going to be $70 per month for the broadband or $120 per month for the broadband/TV package. Local schools and hospitals will have the fee waived and receive the service for free. Initially Google want to ensure that everyone in the area has internet access and has announced they will offer a free 5Mb service to everyone in the area, though a $300 construction fee is payable initially. The good news is this fee is waived for users who decide to subscribe to either of the two fee paying packages.


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