Google Now Available for Older and AOSP Based Rooted Android Devices

With Google launching Google Now in Jelly Bean, the near psychic assistant that is destined to take over your life by using simple suggestions and tips in everything that you do, users with the older build of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) are wondering if they can have Google Now for the ICS.


Now they can! The really smart guys at the XDA Developers Forum have now given an option to the rooted ROMs such as CyanogenMod (that includes CM9 and any other AOSP based ROM) to port Google Now with their older Android ICS build. Thanks to this, users of the older Android builds will be able to use the increasingly popular assistant that is Google’s best bet against Apple iPhone’s Siri.

A complete step by step instruction set has been provided at the XDA developer’s forum and using this one can now port Google Now with their rooted ICS device.

1 – Open Root Explorer and then find yourself the folder /system;

2 – Using the text editor open build.prop;

3 – Edit the = 16 and save it;

4 – Find yourself at /system/app and rename the file GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk to GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk1;

5 – Once you have done these steps, reboot your device and then click the link given here –, download it and then install

6 – Now edit the build.prop and rename it to = 15 and reboot again


You should now be able to use Google Now on your rooted ICS device.

There is a small piece of advice though, you need to back your device and any data that you have on it, lest there are any issues post porting Google Now. The steps mentioned above tinkers with the Google search apk and if the required permission settings are not done properly, there could be issues later on.

Via: XDA Developers

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