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Google Nexus S and Nexus S 4G get Jelly Bean love, unofficially


The Google Nexus One was the company’s first Nexus/developer device which was made by HTC. But due to numerous complaints regarding the build quality of the phone and some other issues, Google decided to go with Samsung for the next Nexus smartphone. And that’s when the Nexus S arrived. It is a pretty decent smartphone with hardware comparable to some of the current lot of smartphones. And as expected, Google still supports its beloved Nexus device even after the Galaxy Nexus came along. The device is getting the latest Android 4.1 update this month. Although, there’s no info as to when exactly the Nexus S will get the update, users can be assured that an update is on its way. But in case you can’t wait until Google makes it available, a thread over at XDA might be able to help you.

XDA users named DeXmax and CooLoserTech have managed to port the Android 4.1 ROM over to the Nexus S and Nexus S 4G handsets respectively. These ROMs however, aren’t without bugs as with any custom ROM, but if these glitches are something you can look through, you should be fine. To give you a rough idea, the fancy Project Butter UI, GPU, Storage, USB, ADB, Bluetooth and Touchscreen are appearing to be work fine. However essential parts of the device like Wi-Fi and the GSM network don’t seem to be working. So upgrading to the new ROM might not be a great idea if the Nexus S is your primary handset. However, if you’re using the device as a spare handset, flashing this new ROM will give you a taste of Jelly Bean though not in its entirety.

As always, we have to warn you to proceed with the flashing process at your own risk as it can potentially brick your device if not done right. Go ahead only if you know how to do it. Happy flashing!

Source: XDA (Nexus S), XDA (Nexus S 4G)
Via: Talk Android

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