Google Nexus Q Hacked, Runs Android Launcher, Apps and Netflix

When Google made an official presentation at the I/O 2012 for the Nexus Q, it did mention that it has provided a micro USB port which it mentioned categorically had been provided to connect future accessories and encourage general hackability.

Well that is exactly what kornyone from the Xda-Developers Forum have gone ahead and done. He hacked on to it and using a USB mouse and keyboard he accessed and installed a launcher (CyanogenMod’s Trebuchet), which allowed him to use Netflix streaming right from the device. Apparently this allowed him to play the movies that he rented on Netflix directly on to his living room TV, in full HD. But that is not all that kornyone managed to do on the Nexus Q. He even installed Angry Birds on and Google+. He also managed to install a browser to access the Internet. To claim his success, he also posted a video of his TV playing the videos on the Xda-Developers Forum.

With Google Nexus Q hacked,  it opens up a plethora of opportunities for future hackers and it is surely a possibility that we will be seeing newer features added on to the mysterious looking Nexus Q in coming days.

Originally designed to be a social streaming media player, which would access content from the cloud and then stream them on to any compatible music or TV system, it was launched at the 2012 I/O last June. It takes only a minute to setup, being able to be controlled completely from an Android smartphone. However, instead of steaming music and videos from an Android phone, it streams content directly from the cloud anywhere and anytime. It also allows other users to access the playlist and even to play them on their devices allowing content sharing on the social platform in a never-seen-before scale.

Via: Gizmodo