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Google Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus Updated to Android 4.1.1

Just days after the Jelly Bean was finally released to the Android Open Source project (AOSP), the Google Nexus 7 already seems to have received an update. Those privileged users who got an early copy of the tablet are finding their Nexus 7 updated to Android 4.1.1 already. So it’s just a point 1 over the 4.1 that the device made an appearance with.

Just before you start getting excited there are not too many improvements in terms of user experience at this time. What Google has however done is that provided the following features: a swipe-up feature which can be used to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to start searching on Google & get suggestions from Google Now and a pinch notification option to get more to do.

As this is not much in terms of features, speculations are rife that apart from these reported changes, Google might just be making some amendments or fine tunings of the stock firmware that came with the Nexus 7. Whatever may be, some users have loved the fact that Nexus 7 appears to be one of the top priorities for Google at this time as so soon after making an announcement they have released an update. For international users of the Nexus 7, don’t get disheartened. Google is also releasing another update for those who are using the HSPA+ version.

At this time, the Nexus 7 is not available in the market as the early development models were given out to the media and to the people who attended the I/O in June 2012. So another speculation is that Google is merely trying to do as much fine tuning as possible before the tablet finally goes out for sale later on.

What does it mean for users like you and me? Expect a finely tuned device when you go to the store and pick up one of these.

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