Google Nexus 7 16 GB Out of Stock Across Major Retailers

There appears to be a mad rush for the Google Nexus 7” tablet with stocks flying out of stores in only a couple of days since its launch last week. Google Nexus 7 has been launched in two models, the 8 GB and the 16 GB, with only $50 separating their prices.

Since the device has no way to plug in a separate MicroSD card, consumers are preferring the 16GB model, which makes more sense. However, the 16 GB model does not seem to be in good supply just yet. On the Google Play Store, the 8 GB model is the only one on sale and the 16 GB model is just having a ship soon sign, indicating that Google may just be delaying that for a few more days.

At this time, store owners are trying frantically to ensure that they have fresh stock of the both models soon. Officially, right now, the following stores are out of stock for the Google Nexus 7 – B&H NYC, GameStop, Staples, Sam’s Club, MobileCity, Office Depot and Kmart. Apart from that, Curry’s PC World UK has also reported that it has sold out all its stock. Some of these stores are even finding it difficult to meet their pre-order volume with whatever stock they got initially.

Unless of course users are prepared to ditch the advantage of the 16 GB model and don’t obviously want to wait for another couple of weeks till the point the 16 GB models start to get shipped out, the 8 GB model appears to be a good option. However, the best judgment would be to wait two weeks and given the advantage of twice the storage, waiting is definitely worth it.

On a different note, Asus seems to have started defending its decision of to installing a rear camera for the tablet. Apparently, the decision to avoid a second camera seems to be more about checking the end price than providing more options to the end user.