Google is Quiet on Motorola

While they did mention the world that they acquired Motorola Mobility back in August for $12.5 billion, Google has been surprisingly quiet about their plans post the acquisition. While revenues and profitability seems to be going only one direction for the search giant, with numbers such as 11% profitability increase, everybody was expecting some updates about what they have with Motorola.

The sales recorder on the second quarter were amounting $8.36 billion as reported recently and this does not take into consideration the impact that might have happened due to the Motorola Mobility. The acquisition of Motorola Mobility has been a great advantage for Google with reportedly more than 17,000 patents that came into the hands of Google. These patents certainly put Google in a more comfortable position with its legal fights against other companies when it comes to the Android operating system.

At the same time, these patents are surely going to help Google to position itself better when it comes to building their hardware portfolio. This of course will be a cause for worry for its competitors like Samsung and Apple. Currently Android is the most popular mobile operating system, with more than 56% of the global smartphones and tablets sold. It comfortably leaves behind Apple’s iOS, the second best OS, at 23%. Android is also an open source project, which means more apps and developer support are available at any point of time, compared to iOS or Windows Phone. Google still looks at its online advertisement operation as a major source of revenues. As such it is likely to push for more devices to be using its operating system to boost revenues from its ad sales.

Recently Google CEO Larry Page seems to have been having troubles with his voice so apparently he cannot speak out, but someone in Google should step up and let the world know, right?

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