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Google Glasses and Other Wearable Tech Inventions That Could Change Your Life

We are entering a new phase of technological era where people will be wearing technologies instead of carrying them around in their hands or pockets. The most desirable wearable gadget that we came across was the Google Glasses. As a part of the Project Glass, Google flexed its tech muscles with a skydiving demonstration at the Google I/O 2012. The attendees of this event were given the option of ordering a pair of Google Glasses for a price of $1,500, just so that the developers attending this event could come up with new and creative uses for these glasses.

However, Google Glasses were not the only wearable technology that is on the scene. Following are a few selected wearable tech inventions that could change your life for good.

Google’s Project Glass

Viewing someone’s world through their eyes is a concept that we all wanted to experience. However, this was made possible with Google’s Project glass that gives you glasses to wear that enable people to see the world through your eyes via streaming video and image. However, this is not the only function of these glasses because these glasses also have the functionality of a Smartphone, but with a twist of glasses instead of your regular cell phone.

Nike + FuelBand

Wearable tech can have a huge impact on the way people exercise because syncing up devices, crunching and analyzing data through the day is now possible with the help of Nike + FuelBand. This band tracks your activity throughout the day, such as noting how many calories you burn, how many steps you have taken in a day, and so on. All of this data then syncs with your iPhone. In addition, the interesting part about this band is that, it also tells time as well.

Bionic Contact Lenses

The bionic contact lenses are just a few steps ahead of Google glasses. Although, Google glasses are made with the same intention of moving it to an imperceptible contact lenses, which can be used to read text, check emails, and read info of the things that you come across such as arts. These lenses can also be used to play video games as well. This technology was introduced by the University of Washington in Seattle. These lenses are safe to wear, with one single pixel display, but it lacks a good power source. However, that all can change in a matter of few years.

Apollo Dress Shirt

Probably one of the greatest wearable techs that you can come across. It is a lifesaver for both single men and married women who are tired of washing and ironing shirts. This shirt is not only wrinkle free, but it also helps a person keep his cool. The shirt is designed on the concept of space suits, which regulates body temperature and allow you to stay sweat free all day long and on top of that, it is odor-free as well.

These were some of the latest wearable techs that you can find. However, not all of them are available for purchase, so keep your eyes open to grab them as soon as they are made available.

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