Google Faces New Patent Claim Over Mobile Chrome Browser

Google is facing another lawsuit filed by EMG Technology on July 10th in a Texas district court with the request of banning the distribution of Google Chrome for Mobile as well as award damages that this virtual entity may have caused. According to EMG, the mobile version of Google Chrome which is designed for smartphones and tablets infringes its “simplified navigation system.” But the lawsuit, however, didn’t state why the plaintiff didn’t make a move in February during the launch of the beta version of the mobile browser.

Credit: Engadget

In a statement, EMG alleged that the search titan is stepping on the toes of its patented system by “displaying mobile webpages on tablets and smartphones.” According to Elliott Gottfurcht, lead inventor of EMG’s patent portfolio, one of EMG’s patent which was issued on October 21st in 2008 uses unique inputs in manipulating a touch screen for scrolling and zooming; this system is the one being infringed by Google Chrome for Mobile.

For reference the patent in question is entitled “Apparatus and Method of Manipulating a Region on a Wireless Device Screen for Viewing, Zooming and Scrolling Internet Content.”

According to the downloadable copy of the suit, EMG has suffered irreparable damages due to the distribution of the mobile browser and demands a jury trial. But it did not suggest any amount that would compensate those damages. But the point is, EMG is apparently asking for some sort of compensation in monetary form.

The lawsuit against Google is the same as the lawsuit filed by EMG Technology against Apple just a month after the patent was awarded and three days after it has acquired the rights to it in 2008, according to a report from PC Mag. A year after that, Microsoft had to face the same complaint in the same court for the same reason.

Chrome for Android was launched as beta in February but debuted last month during Google I/O. A day after the full and stable version was released it topped the chart of the most downloaded apps from Google Play Store. It is obvious what this lawsuit is all about.

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