Google Chrome For Mobiles And Tablets Targeted By Lawsuit

Google is no stranger to patent infringement lawsuits. It is no wonder to the tech world again that the mobile version of Google Chrome has now become the latest target of another company, EMG Technology, which claims that the tech giant has infringe on EMG’s navigation technology.

Filed earlier this week in a District Court in Texas, the suit asks Google to pay for damages and an injunction from the court to keep Google from rolling out the mobile browser in the United States.

EMG also targeted Apple in a 2008 lawsuit of similar nature claiming that Apple also used the same technology in its iOS devices in browsing Web pages and navigating applications. Almost all of new Apple devices at the time were targeted including iPhone, iPod Touch, iTunes Store, Apple TV, and even the then newly released iPad. EMG and Apple settled their differences last March 2011.

Google’s case infringes on the 196 patent invented by EMG that allows mobiles to display a simplified navigation system which lets users to experience simple navigation experience as well as zooming and scrolling with a touch screen using unique inputs.

Google’s Chrome in phones became available as early as February this year and now ships as a default browser for Android’s Jelly  Bean version. A version for iOS was rolled out last month but interestingly, EMG did not mention it in the lawsuit.

No further updates are available regarding this recent case. Google was also recently slapped with a $22.5 million fine by the United States Federal Trade Commission for violating a few privacy settings on rival Apple’s Safari Web browser. It took nine long months for federal regulators  to come up with a decision about the case. It is the largest penalty imposed on a company the FTC, although it’s considered a mere slap on the rest for the tech giant, which boasted of a $2.9 billion earnings last quarter alone.


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