Google Builds Studio for YouTube Creators Located in London

Google has built a studio based in London that is dedicated to filming professional YouTube videos. They are calling it the “creator space.” The Longdon offices will be open to all YouTube filmmakers in the next couple of weeks which will allow the filmmakers to create new works for the world wide video service known as YouTube. More experienced video professionals  and the YouTube Next Lab team will also be there to give advice and help with the equipment and all. They have not said if younger people looking to create videos with their friends will be allowed to use this “creator space” yet. If they do let minors in to create videos that would be awesome to see and would definitely benefit YouTube as a whole.

The creator space will contain two studios, a room that is dedicated to green screens and editing suites. Stages will come complete with lighting rigs and other essential equipment for video production (they are really dumping a lot of cash into this, hopefully it pays off!). The stage will also come with a choice of different professional video camera and a range of DSLRs for filming options. Those who are new to filmmaking will have the chance to go through Lectures and workshops that are put on by the support staff (I personally would love to go through that).

It hasn’t been said if all of this is going to cost money or not. To some degree it’s implied that it won’t and to another degree I feel like it will. It also seems like  a studio that is available to the community for use. I’m not entirely sure what it’s all going to cost, though if it does end up being free that would be a huge publicity stunt for Google I can imagine. If you do think about it, they have said that tools will be available for use, so I am going to assume that this all is most likely going to be free of charge. I’ll have to keep everyone updated on future news of this project. It does sound free though.

YouTube Next Lab is always working on ways to help vloggers and filmmakers in their different ideas and craft. Programs such as the YouTube NextUp offers funding and mentorships for aspiring stars. Whether minors would be considered a “aspiring star” or not has not been said. The Creator Playbook also gives advice for those looking to do some work on their own. I’m really interested to see how all of this pans out for the studio in London. I also really am curious if it’s going to be a community studio for those who just want a place they can film.

What do you think of the studio? If it were near you or if you are near it, would you use it? Do you think taking their workshops and lectures is worth it or would you prefer to just learn the craft on your own? Let us know in the comments below!

source: YouTube Creator