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Google Analytics Makes It’s Way To Google Play

Google Analytics is a website owner and a blogger’s best friend. It is an almost perfect app which gives a wide range of information to a webmaster ranging from the amount of traffic in his website, the keywords that have brought in the most number of hits, the average amount of time spent by visitors, details regarding AdSense and much more. It even plots graphs for all these datas to make it that much more easier to analyse.

Up until yesterday, the free to use, Google Analytics service was available only through the Analytics website. It anyone wanted to access it on a mobile device, it was only through a mobile browser. Website managers and owners who use an Android device will now be delighted to know that, Google Analytics is now available in the form of an app on the Google Play Store.

The Google Analytics app in it’s first iteration is still a light weight. Meaning, it lacks a lot many features that the online version provides users with. The most attractive feature that Google has given the app version of Analytics is the Real Time feature. The Real Time feature provides information regarding website traffic. To be precise, it gives real time information about how many people are visiting a particular website at any instant of time, though the page has to be refreshed manually every time. The app also offers graphical views of the information and lets you add additional graphs to the Dashboard. This version has got almost everything that a light user will require.

Google will, however, surely keep updating the app, adding more features and making it more reliable as time goes. For the initial version, it is not a bad app all. At least it is a start.

The app can be downloaded from here.

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