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Global Version of the Sony Xperia GX Leaked


The Sony Xperia Hayabusa a.k.a LT29i has appeared in a series of images showing off its back and front respectively. The device shown here appears to be the global version of the Xperia GX that will arrive in the U.S and Japan soon. It’s great news for the fans that the smartphone is making its way to global markets.

The Hayabusa is believed to replace the Xperia S as the company’s global flagship. Sadly though, there is still no mention of a launch date. The Xperia GX recently made its way to the FCC and if that is anything to go with, the Hayabusa is one hell of a monster. Said to pack a decent 4.55-inch HD display along with a 13MP rear camera sensor, the Hayabusa is touted to be Sony’s best devices yet.

The device spotted here has the Sony Ericsson branding on the front which suggests that the prototype has been in circulation for a while as Sony has omitted the Ericsson branding since quite some time now. The final product however should be complete with the right branding. What we have here seems to be running on NTT DoCoMo’s networks, which is a Japanese carrier. Further, one of the images shows that the device runs on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, which is a welcome sign. XperiaBlog suggests that the Xperia logo on the back could glow, but that will merely be a cosmetic feature. There isn’t much to differentiate between this and the Xperia GX, so we might get to see identical specs.

 sony-lt29i (2)

This leak is highly indicative of the fact that the GX will be made available on a larger scale too although in a slightly different package, with the Hayabusa believed to have a relatively smaller display at 4.55-inches compared to the GX’s 4.6-inch panel. Of course, these are mere speculations so we could be easily wrong. The GX is scheduled to arrive in Japan shortly, with no info about the Hayabusa yet. Sony shouldn’t wait too long to launch the device, as Samsung is pretty much dominating the market with its Galaxy line of smartphones. An August-September announcement would be ideal for Sony, even better if it’s before that. It is important to note that Hayabusa could very much be a preliminary name given to the device.

Source: Xperia Blog
Via: Android Guys

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