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GameDock for iPhone: Turn Your iPhone Into a Gaming Console

GameDock for iPhone is the latest of the accessories that have joined a bandwagon for Apple compliant hardware add on. This accessory finally allows gamers to enjoy their retro games by playing against each other, using the iPhone as a gaming console. It works as an interface between your iPhone, iPad or iPod on one end and a HDTV on the other.


Traditional arcade games or any other games on the iDevices do not allow you the option to play it with friends on a dual play setup. It is not even convenient to imagine that a tiny touch screen is shared by two users. With the GameDock for iPhone the user will have the possibility to use a big HDTV screen, connecting to it via two game controllers and enjoying the game. It’s needless to mention that the gaming system supports full HD quality at 1080p. However, if you don’t own a HDTV yet, you shouldn’t sweat. The GameDock system works perfectly well even with your small screen (compared to a HDTV) phone, giving you a split display for the two of you.

Currently the GameDock will work with any iCade gaming systems and with all the games available. It works like a traditional gaming cartridge but in this case your iPhone works as the cartridge. The GameDock app comes with an option for you to search for additional games that are available for the iCade platform.

The project is currently on support at Kickstarter awaiting a minimum of $50,000 target pledge money by August 16th to go live. If you are willing to get a copy of the GameDock, all you need to do is to pledge $100 or more and you will get it shipped out to you. Shipping charges are extra just in case you are pledging from outside theUS.

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