Galaxy S III Developer Edition now up on Samsung

Yes, the rumors were right. Samsung has joined hands with Verizon and released a special Developer Edition of their flagship smartphone Galaxy S III. The release is seen as a treat for those who are fans of unlocked bootloaders. This special version released for $599 will placate the developers, custom ROM lovers and tech enthusiasts who were earlier suffocated by the handsets with a ‘locked bootloader’, the only option available with the US carrier Verizon. The Verizon, the only carrier left to provide the locked bootloader with Galaxy S III, decided to break the shackles and give its aficionados the full monty.

Although the Developer Edition has been officially announced, there is still no information available on its availability date and variants. But, the good news for us is that we will at least be able to buy the standard 32GB, pebble blue bloke at some point soon with all the breathing space it brings with its unlocked bootloader.  Samsung or Verizon minced no words on the 16GB or white color variants, or whether the $599 price tag applies on the 32GB blue version or not.  It looks like that Samsung has finally started looking beyond their punch line,

“The power you need, and the style you want” after the much brouhaha over the powerful hardware available nowadays with not so powerful software to utilize it. This smartphone will provide the 4 lane-highway to ride for the user who once remarked that using powerful smartphones is tantamount to driving Ferrari in Beijing’s traffic. This is all we have surmised from the landing page of this phone which is up on Samsung’s website. For more details about this phone, keep following our website.

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