Galaxy Note 2 to Unveil on August 30!

Samsung is making another dent in its competition by launching yet another most anticipated gadget of the year. It’s also a great news for Samsung fans as the Korean Digital Daily website says that Samsung is planning to unveil the Galaxy Note 2 on 30th August. The unveiling date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is just a day before the IFA expo kicks off in Berlin, Germany, so there is possibility that this news just might be true and not just one of those rumors that is never true.

According to the info on the website, there will be an unveiling event that will start at 19:00 CET and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be the center of this event’s attention as the event will focus on it entirely.

As for more rumors, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will have a quad core Exynos chipset. It will also feature a 13 MP camera and as for its design, it is said to be narrower despite the fact that its screen is large, 5.5” large to be exact.  For OS, the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will be powering the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

People who are still thinking that the unveiling date of Samsung Galaxy Note 2, might not be August 30 of this year, well, here is a flashback for you. The Samsung Galaxy Note – the first Samsung Galaxy Note was also unveiled a day before the IFA expo last year. So, it only seems logical that the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Note should be unveiled a day before this year’s IFA expo starts.

The functionality of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is not going to be anything comparable to its predecessor as it is not only using a quad core chipset, but also powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. We have seen the combination of these two in other devices and we also know what the outcome, the power there actually is when these two are combined in one single device. So, just to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is going to be another beast devices to hang onto.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is still sort of unknown to most because there have been no rumors about it. However, on the basis of our past experience and the way technology is trending towards smart and powerful devices, with due respect to its 5.5 inch screen, we can say that the design of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is going to be sleek, smart, and it is not going to weigh too much either.

Overall, it might look just like other same sized devices in the market, but it is the inside what matters these days. So, hopefully the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is going to deliver what Samsung always promises its fans and we just might see another show stopper with the unveiling of Samsung Galaxy Note 2. For now, we all have to wait for August 30 to arrive as quickly as possible so we can share something about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hands on experience with you guys.

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