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Food & Drink Category Opens at Apple App Store – 2800 Apps Boasted

About two weeks ago, we heard the news that Apple has contacted app developers and told them about the launch of new category in the apps store. A category that will specifically deal with the things that will come under “Food & Drinks.” This should not come as a surprise to us because this was a much needed category in the Apple App Store and until recently, Apple felt the need to have this category as a part of their app store. Before the launch of this category, apps that belonged in this category were usually found in travel, lifestyle, and other categories, which made it difficult for people to search for something related to this field. However, not anymore because it is official, Apple has launched its new category “Food & Drink” a few days ago with a boast of 2800 apps related to this field. Giving users instantaneous results related to the things they always wanted to have access to with the help of Apple app store.

This new section can be easily accessed from the main page and it features some 2800 apps related to cooking and drinks. So, if you are looking for a way to make new dishes, or mix new drinks, cocktails, spirits guides, wine, restaurant ratings, and any other related to this matter, you can search this category for that matter. For now, this category is a great way to find new recipes to cook something new or find new drinks and learn how to make them. A simple search will land you hundreds of results and you can easily choose the apps that you are looking for to do whatever you have in mind.

However, some new tips, tricks, and recipes are all you can find in this category for now. Since, this category is new, so it is understand why there are not any food related games, or grocery list type of programs that help people with grocery shopping, or other apps that help with the shopping experience. So, for now, all users can do is enjoy apps that are specifically related to food and drinks because that is all there is in this category for now. However, as there is a variety of apps in other categories in the Apple app store, soon this category will be full of colours as well. This is something you can count on.

As for the Food and Drink category, there are some top paid and free sections, with names such as Dracula’s Cookbook, which is a good app for tracking down local food trucks and also, there are several guides to how Absinthe can be used in mix with other drinks.

However, in the top paid category, you will see apps such as FastPaleo and Food Network in the Kitchen. The top free apps include Urbanspoon, Open Table, and Starbucks. This is all there is in the best and worst of Food & Drink in Apple app store. For now, you can enjoy these apps, and to enjoy more useful and interesting apps from this category, you will have to wait a little longer.

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