Firmware Updates for Nokia Lumia 610, 710, 900 Announced

Finnish phone manufacturer, Nokia, announced just recently the availability of the new updates for its three new devices—Nokia Lumia 610, 710 and 900. While the company didn’t provide full specifics of the fimware updates, it looks like all of the three updates come with minor enhancements. While Lumia 900 is included in the list, there is no information if the AT&T variant would be getting the same update as well. Also, Lumia 800 owners may still wait a little longer for the update.

Image Credit: WP Central

Nokia Lumia 610 Update 

Lumia 610 version will be pushed to 1066.0000.8779.12201 after this update. The package will include the following enhancements:

Proximity Sensor Sensitivity. While the phone got really good reviews and feedback, a handful of users were able to notice the proximity sensor lacks a little sensitivity. Nokia assured that this will be addressed in this update.

Improved Sound Level for Alarm Tone. Not everybody sees the need to improve this aspect in Lumia 610 but it seems like Nokia sees something majority of owners don’t and that explains why this update comes.

Nokia Lumia 710 Update 

For this batch of updates, Lumia 710 is the one blessed with cool features and enhancements.

Wi-Fi Hotspot. This is the long-promised feature for 710 and finally here it comes. After this update, owners can share their internet connection to up to five devices. Basically, this internet-sharing capability transforms the handset into a small hotspot where other internet-capable devices could connect to.

Flip to Silence. You don’t have to swipe and tap through the Settings page just to silence Lumia 710 when someone is calling; you just have to flip your device to face down and it will automatically shut its ringer silent.

Nokia Lumia 900 Update

While everybody is expecting a stunning update for Nokia’s new flagship, there’s none. This update will bring just a few minor tweaks and enhancements, two of those are the following:

Screen  Color. To address minor problems that users experience with their screen when in low-light environment, this update was rolled out. It makes the colors a little vivid and sharp to provide a richer picture when transitioning from well-lighted surroundings to low-light.

Proximity Sensor Sensitivity. No one actually complained about the sensitivity of the proximity sensor in Lumia 900 but here it comes.

There is no information if there will come major fixes in the future for these devices but for now, these are the only updates owners could enjoy.

[Sources: WP Central | Nokia Connects]

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