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Firefox Smartphone OS Will Be Backed By ZTE And Alcatel

Firefox is gearing up to get a piece of the mobile operating system pie and, possibly, in the process, change the way all mobile operating systems are designed. Firefox OS for smartphones was first announced at MWC 2012, four months ago.

Firefox mobile OS, which is a HTML5 based operating system for smartphones, did not have any backer back when it was announced. At lot has changed though in the last four months. Mozilla Foundation has now come out with the announcement that the first smartphones running the Firefox OS will come out in 2013. These smartphones will be manufactured by ZTE and Alcatel and will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

I addition, Mozilla has also managed to convince many telecom companies to pack the Firefox phones. Deutsche Telekom, Sprint, Smart, Telecom Italia, Telenor and Etisalat will all be supporting the Firefox OS smartphones.

From these initial announcement it seems like Mozilla really is getting a smooth initial lift off for it’s Firefox OS. The fast kick off of Firefox OS has also been helped by the fact that Firefox OS is a HTML5 based operating system. That is something developers as well as telecom companies favour.

The reason for this is simple. HTML5 is a open source technology in the true sense. If HTML5 based operating systems manages to become the Standard in the mobile OS universe in the future, developers will be able to build a single version of applications, which will run on all platforms, namely, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
Phones running HTML5 based operating systems are also very energy efficient, are capable of bringing a hi-end OS to a low end hardware and will bring the overall cost of handsets down drastically.

In fact, Google’s Chrome OS is just as capable of running on a smartphone as on a Chromebook. Mozilla has certainly set out in the right direction and we hope that it will get the mileage that it needs to drive it to success. Perhaps, HTML5 will be the standard for Mobile OS, a light and efficient OS which is what all mobile OSs should be.

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