Firefox 16 Coming With Web Apps

There was a huge conflict between native apps and Web apps, which Mozilla took care of by taking a big step towards it. It introduced Web app support in Firefox 16 recently and it is now official that Firefox 16 will have web apps.

This new support in Firefox means that people will be able to run Web based apps through any iteration of Firefox. However, the Mozilla Marketplace will open to general public sometime at the end of this year, so as of now, we still have plenty of time to wait. All of this is for the Firefox OS, which is in preparation and due to be launched at sometime next year. The web apps are a part of Kilimanjaro project, which synchronizes several projects of Mozilla for the preparation of its OS.

This news came when the Firefox 15 beta release is at its peak. The Firefox 15 Beta will be coming with some major improvements, specifically related to memory management on its desktop versions. As for the Firefox 16, it is packed with more than just Web apps, because as far as we know, the Firefox 16 desktop version have VoiceOver support turned on by default for Mac. Moreover, the functionality of the built-in PDG reader across all platforms has also been improved for Firefox 16.

As for Aurora desktop for web developers, it will come with an Opus codec support that will be turned on by default along with pre tab reporting in about memory and it will also feature a new developer toolbar as well. Available through the Developer menu, it will offer quick links to developer’s tools along with a command line for faster keyboard access and an error count for Web Console.

Aurora did not forgot about its Android users because the Aurora for Android will also have Web app support along with some new features, which however, can be seen on many of its competitors. In the location bar, you will find a Read Now book icon and the Reader Mode is also new in this version for Androids. When you tap the Read Now icon, it will automatically add the site you are currently viewing to a “read it later” option called the Reading List.

The Aurora also got a new “tab send” feature, which is somewhat similar to the options such as Fox-to-Phone and Chrome-to-Phone add-ons. With Firefox Sync, you can send any tab to any of your other devices or computers that are connected with this feature. One additional feature is the search suggestions that appear when you type text into the location bar, which are accompanied by the recommendations from your history as well.

Another great news is that now all four cross-platform versions of Firefox support a number of unprefixed CSS3 features as well. Now, the Mozilla specific prefixes for certain CSS3 have been simplified, for example, codes that began with -moz-border-radius have been simplified to -border-radius. This is all because of how HTML and CSS are made and where they will be in the future as they are maturing to a point where they will be supported by a wide number of browser makers.

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