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Firefox 14 Has Compatibility Issue With Themes

Firefox fans this week may find that their beloved browser is breaking their themes. The most recent update for Firefox earlier this week packs a few needed security enhancements but also some glitches that may plague users in the next few days. It was discovered that quite a few themes do not have the required support for the latest Firefox 14.

Many of the users running themes on Firefox know that they can customize the look of their browser by installing many themes available on Mozilla’s Add-Ons page. There are hundreds of available themes to choose from including the ones which will allow one to change the look and feel of the browser’s toolbars, menus, and the overall appearance.

One of the themes lacking support when used in Firefox 14 is MacOS X, a simple theme that gives Firefox the look of Apple’s OS X. When this theme is installed in Firefox 14, a user will receive an alert that the theme is not compatible with the new Firefox. Ignoring the installation warning, Firefox will revert to its default theme and will not run the theme.

Although there are other themes that work just fine, many other themes are yet to be upgraded to work properly. One discussion board on Firefox mentioned that developers should have the capability to simply change the compatibility of themes on the Ad-Ons site to fix this issue from happening again.

Security-wise, Firefox 14 offers better security especially in searches The upgraded browser has been tweaked to work with HTML5 and OSX as well. But perhaps the most significant modification Firefox gets today is its ability to run secure searches when using Google. This means that the URL will have the prefix HTTPS telling you that your Google searches will not be intercepted, especially if you are using a public network.  There will be no difference in terms of experience for users. At this time, support for a secure connection is only available for Google search engine but Mozilla said they are working to give the same capability to other search engines. Most banking sites offer secure protection similar to this feature. Firefox users will now easily notice the “lock icon” on the left of address bar, indicating that they are visiting a secure site.

The compatibility issue of many themes may have taken the limelight for this latest upgrade but the security this new Firefox 14 provides to users definitely carry more weight.  It is just a matter of time before developers can give the needed updates for their themes.

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