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FCC Leaks Suggest New Sony Tablet

It appears from a new FCC filing that Sony is working secretly on a new device, tablet or otherwise. The model, number SGPT1211, is listed on the FCC website, meaning that the brains in the testing labs of the government are actually testing it out as you read this.

What could the new device, if it is a tablet, have in store for the consumers? We are aware that the Sony Tablet S is due for retirement or at least a successor and that is what can drive speculation that Sony is trying to do exactly that. The fact that Sony has made some recent progress with the Xperia Ion, we can expect similar magic to be conjured up when this tablet gets launched.

Unfortunately, however, we can only speculate as there are no details available at all for this new Sony tablet (if it at all were an Android tablet) model number SGPT1211. Speculations are adrift whether Sony will finally come out of the folded magazine style that they have made their own and challenge some of the purer designs that we are so accustomed seeing.

On the other hand, Sony could just be working on a different device altogether. With Microsoft Windows 8 RT making the headlines and Samsung rumored to have already been working on launching a tablet of their own, based on the new OS, we could see Sony entering the market too with a RT-powered tablet of their own. It could even not be a tablet at all and just be another smartphone based on some new technologies.

For the die-hard Sony fans, the best thing to do is to wait for an announcement as we are sure Sony is going to look to at least give some challenge to the iPad 2 and the future iPad 3 when it comes out.

Via: Into Mobile

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