Expect An August 7 Launch For Kindle Fire 2

Amazon’s Kindle Fire was the first $200 table which truly started the $200 mini tablet category. The marketing strategy paid off extremely well for Amazon. The Kindle Fire, which was launched last year, immediately became a runaway hit. Everyone liked the idea of an affordable tablet with a smaller size. After nearly one year, however, the Kindle’s dominance has been challenged by Google, by launching it’s own $200, 7 inch mini tablet. The Google Nexus 7 is built by Asus and is it, in almost every category, aces the Kindle Fire.

However, since the Kindle Fire is nearing the completion of a year, Amazon is in a perfect position to bring out the next generation of Kindle Fire tablet or a Kindle Fire 2 tablet. Rumors have already been doing the rounds for quite some time, including reports from the Taiwanese  website, Digitimes, which stated that Kindle Fire 2 could be announced by the end of July.

Now another similar report has surfaced which seems to support the earlier claim by Digitimes. According to this report published by  China Times, Amazon’s manufacturing partner has ramped up production and Amazon is all set to stockpile about 2 million Kindle Fire 2 units by August 7, when we could see the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 start shipping. The China Times report also states that the device manufacturer (OEM) for Amazon’s Kindle Fire two is a Taiwanese hardware manufacturer Quanta Computer. Quanta Computer is also the OEM for Sony and RIM.

The report goes on to say that the new Kindle Fire 2 will have a metal chassis with a plastic back panel and it will also be powered by a new battery. The last bit about the battery could be pointing at a more powerful device requiring more juice to run. This makes sense since the new Kindle Fire will definitely be have to equal the Nexus 7 if not better it.

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