Enterprise Business Finally Seems to be Working for AT&T

AT&T HD racked up some impressive sales figures in iPhones (about 3.7 million), sold 5.1 million Android smartphones and did some equally impressive figures in terms of its wireless business. But somehow in the middle of all these, everybody seemed to have lost the fact that they did also come up with some good performances in their enterprise business areas.

AT&T is not going to let that slip out of the sight. They are finally beginning to show signs that their enterprise business is alive if not kicking. Incidentally, all this is very déjà vu with Verizon, not very long ago also coming up with similar claims about their enterprise business division. What’s with the carriers and their enterprise businesses?

Apparently, the carriers don’t want to end up being simply a vendor channel for device manufacturing companies that are trying to sell their new tablets and smartphones. So it is imperative that they make a decent showing on the other side as an offset. AT&T had earlier reported a $3.9 billion second quarter earnings or roughly 66 cents a share for its shareholders. That’s on a revenue of $31.6 billion. When compared to last years performance, it is slightly better. However, this does not include the sale of its ad business in May.

AT&T has every reason to feel happy about their wireless business. It made $14.8 billion in revenues in the second quarter, which is more than 4.3% from last year’s comparative figures. Apart from that, they also added more than 1.3 million total subscribers for their wireless plans. IPhone seems to be dominating the smartphone sales with 3.7 million out of 5.1 million sold coming from Apple’s baby. To conclude one can safely say that after a four-year dry period, AT&T has made significant growth in its enterprise business and should look forward to build on this and the impressive wireless business performance.