Email Issue of Facebook Spreads to Mobiles

Facebook’s attempt to introduce their email system to hundreds of millions of its user’s accounts by deploying an update that automatically displays a to profiles has annoyed its fanbase.

Now, Facebook confirms that the problem has spread to mobiles with phone contacts that are synced to Facebook accounts. The confirmation happened after many people complained that they are having the same issue with their phones. While the number is not significant, Facebook said that certain devices have gotten a bug, making them pull up the last email address added to the account rather than the primary email account. This results to addresses being shown instead of the regular registered account for Facebook.
The statement from Facebook did not mention any specific devices affected though. No other explanation for the “bug” was provided as well other than the statement saying the company is fixing the issue. There is even no resolution timeframe.
While many critics saw Facebook’s move as a ham-fisted way of pushing its email system to users, Facebook says that its goal is to ensure consistency how email addresses are shown on a profile’s Timeline page.
Whatever the real score is, users of Facebook don’t really want to take any major change without prior warning.
The real problem users affected by the mobile bug was Facebook’s invasion of their privacy. One user reported that he was surprised to find that after he sent an email to a friend, his account was used as the default address instead of his primary email. He was using an HTC Incredible at the time.
Although the bug was sporadic and did not affect many Android phones, it still annoyed the people who experienced it. All Facebook can assure its huge fanbase is that a resolution is coming out “soon”.
Let’s see how soon that will be.

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