iMediaShare App

iMediaShare is a terrific app that offers the ease of today’s techonology in connecting home devices without the need for additional physical connection and cables. Designed primarily for Apple users, the App is also now being offered for Android users.

True to its name, iMediaShare allows a user to view whatever type of media is stored on a phone and view them on the TV screen.  It transforms a smartphone into a convenient remote control, giving an easy option to stream media to a TV. This app maximizes the use of a home network and an internet-enabled TV. Connected gaming consoles like PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are also supported by iMediaShare app as well as any other DLNA/UPnP media players.

Favorite contents like videos and stills can be shared seamlessly using the app. The list of supported online content includes but not limited to Picasa, Facebook, TED Talks, France24, Motorz TV, NASA TV, CNET, White House, College Humor, CBS New, and Youtube.

The Android version of the app supports most of the major players like TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony BRAVIA, Toshiba, and Philips.  A free version labeled iMediaShare Lite can be downloaded from Google Play but is ad-supported.  Android users can buy the app for $4.99 to enjoy an ad-free experience.

On the other hand, the iOS version of the app is available on iTunes either as a free download, or as an ad-free, HD-capable download at $4.99. Both types have now Network Attached Storage (NAS) support. This means that digital content like pictures and videos can now be shared without going through some difficult configuration and hookups. It only takes 3 easy steps: download the app to an iPad, iPod, or iPhone, log-in to your home network/wifi, and select any screen that is available in a home network including TVs or gaming consoles.

This app is a perfect fit for today’s busy and constantly-on-the-move lifestyle.

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