CyanogenMod’s yet-unreleased version running on Optimus 4X HD shown on video

CyanogenMod, maker of the aftermarket firmware based on the open-source Android operating system is working on an update for its software. The newest version in the pipeline, dubbed CM10, is based on the android Jelly Bean 4.1 version. The video released on YouTube and Google+ by Ricardo Cerquiera is a teaser showing us the new features of the unreleased CM 10 on an LG Optimus 4X HD Smartphone.

CyanogenMod firmware offers features not found in the official Android based firmware provided by the vendors of cell phones. These features include enhanced and superior support for WiFi, Bluetooth and tethering. It also provides features like FLAC format support, CPU overclocking, performance enhancement and many interface tweaks. The latest video shows a conspicuously polished CM 10 flirting with functional camera, phone calls, multi-tasking and many such new and refreshing features on an Optimus 4X HD handset. Just like previous releases, this time also CyanogenMod team has not given any expected date of arrival for CM 10. But the latest video peek-in has surely been successful in lighting a spark of interest among androidophiles.

If it turns out to be as awesome as it looks in the video, CM 10 can be a feast for android lovers who love tweaking their handsets. But for now, you have to wait till the official release to know how many arrows CyanogenMod’s mascot, ‘Cid’, has got in his new quiver. However Smartphone manufacturers and mobile carriers have understandably been unsupportive of third party firmware development due to their security concerns. Cyanogen is one of the very few who have won the grudging respect of the industry people n this niche, due to its superior security features and reliable product. Keep following us for further updates on CM 10.

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