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CyanogenMod Confirmed to Work on Jelly Bean

The 3rd of July brought in some pretty exciting news for CM users. The CyanogenMod team had finally come out with an announcement. The CM 9 (CyanogenMod 9) based on Google Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) is finally ready as a release candidate. For users who prefer the rooted firmware compared to the plain versions offered by the OEM providers it was something that they have been waiting for a long time. But the next day after the announcement, Google also announced the launch of Jelly Bean in their I/O.


Now this immediately raises a question about the future of CyanogenMod 9. With Google now going to focus on Jelly Bean there appears no future for the CM 9 when it gets released. In fact some of the speculations about the likely fate of the CM9 in the near future have been put to rest by the CyanogenMod Team in a statement. It appears that once a CyanogenMod for Jelly Bean comes out they are most likely going to stay with it.

It is expected that if a phone can run ICS it should also be able to run JB. As such there is no need for continuing with two close versions of the popular Android operating system. This is of course when the final source code of the JB gets released and the CyanogenMod team gets down rewriting their codes.

So will the new firmware with Jelly Bean be called CyanogenMod 10? It is a speculation and if we are to believe the naming convention that CM is following, they are keeping in track with what Google is doing, following the letters of the English alphabet.

It is pertinent to mention here that CyanogenMod is currently offering RC1 build of their CM 9 firmware to 37 different devices. They are one of the most popular rooted firmware providers for OEM devices that often provide with features that are not present in the OEM versions of the firmware.

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