CrowdStream Concert App For Android Loved By Artists And Fans Alike

CrowdStream is a new concert app available in Google Play, which any hardcore music lover will love. CrowdStream is also one of the rare app which is used not just by fans, but also by artists.
If you are a hardcore music lover and love going to music concerts and events, this has everything that you will ever need. The same can be said to an artist. The CrowdStream is the perfect app for artists, bands and performers to keep connected to their fans around the globe.

Through CrowdStream both fans and artists can share comments, photos, announcements, feedbacks and more among CrowdStream users. The app will also let you follow a concert on your device and get all the latest updates and news from the ongoing event. And it’s not just the information about current concerts and events that you can gather, but also past and future events by bands all over the world. The app will gather all the information that you will need about a band, or individual artist or concerts, such as where it is being held, when it is being held, who are the performers, etc., from the local music library, Facebook pages, official websites, tweets and many more places. The pp will make sure you are informed up to date regarding your favourite rock band.

Using CrowdStream’s Stream button, you will receive live streaming of comments, photos, comments and all such information from an on-going event you are following. The app will also let you use your device camera to snap photos of the concerts you are attending and add it to the live streaming function of CrowdStream to share it with other fans. You can also share your photos on Facebook and Twitter directly from the app.

Once you open the app,it will ask you to open an account or use your facebook id to login. Once you are in, you can use the profile button to change or add profile information and also edit the bands that you want to follow.

When it comes to a dedicated music concert app CrowdStream is the best. You can download it from the Google Play link here.