Create songs from speech with Songify

If you remember Auto-tune the news, a US web series that was popularized by Brooklyn musician Michael Gregory and later the band The Gregory Brothers, which went viral on YouTube in 2010. The videos basically used digitally manipulated recorded voices of politicians, news anchors and popular peoples to make a song out of it. The same band happened to work with app developer to create an app called Songify for iOS. Basically, Songify allows users to autotune any speech into a song!  The app is also available for Android, so let’s review it.

Pick a sound: The app autotunes your speech and integrates the output with a background music. The background music, or template, needs to be selected. When you fire up the app, a default template will be selected and you’ll be welcomed with ‘tap to record’ screen. You can change the background music that the app will be using to convert your speech into a full-fledged song by going to the ‘song store’, which can be accessed by tapping on the middle button from the trio of buttons at the bottom. Song Store allows you to download additional songs. The songs are categorized based on their genre.

There are free songs and paid songs too. Free songs can be downloaded right away, but paid songs require you to buy them, and the revenue used for in-app purchase is ‘Khush Coins’. Real money can be exchanged for Khush Coins, and the exchange rate varies depending on the purchase. Purchasing 200 coins will cost you $2.99 while 380 coins can be bought for $4.99, and so on. You will also get rid of those pesky ads by purchasing these coins, however, if you don’t want to spend real money, you can earn free coins by playing various games mentioned in the app. Each additional song retails for 25 coins on an average.

Start Recording: Once you’ve chosen the template, you are all set to start recording. Whenyou’re ready, you are required to tap anywhere on the big disc and Songify will start recording the song. The lyrics can be either random thoughts or something meaningful. Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re talking or singing as your voice will go through some post processing and the app will take care of voice quality, though pauses between words may be noticeable. In order to stop recording, you have to tap the disc again. Once you stop recording, you can listen to the song and save it if you like. If you don’t like it, you can either start over or there’s an option called ‘re-songify’ on the top right corner which takes you back to the song store and allows you to select a different background music, and no, you don’t have to sing the song again. Once re-songified, you can play the newly compiled song and continue the process if you wish to.

Promote and Discover: When the song is saved, the user can share it through various options such as e-mail, SMS, or post it to social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Also there’s an option to set the song as phone’s ringtone.
The app even has its very own social network with a ‘Winning section’. In this section, the user can view the top five most liked songs that were created by its users. Similarly, a list of recently uploaded songs is available. There is a search function which allows you to search certain songs too.

To conclude, Songify is a great app to unleash your inner T-Pain. It may not do anything useful, but it is definitely a unique fun app to kill boredom, and since it is free, what have you got to lose? The app is available for download from Android Play Store over here.

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