Comparison of Some Popular Apps Available for Both Nexus 7 and iPad

With the iOS and the Android powered iPad and Nexus 7, respectively, have gotten a few apps that are present on both, so an obvious urge to compare them on the two platforms cannot be suppressed. So here is a take on some of the most popular apps that are currently available in both the iPad and the Nexus 7.

First up is a browser and a favorite one at that, the Google Chrome. While the app works equally well on both platforms, some sites render a bit different on the Nexus 7 compared to the iPad.

DirecTV on the iPad gives off a much better look and feel plus a whole lot better experience using it. Both versions have DVR functionality, but the iPad version doubles up as a full remote control. Comparatively, the Evernote app offers a much better experience while used on the Android tablet. The Nexus 7 one is multipane and has a better layout. Gmail too is much better to use on the Nexus 7, where it’s fully functional, compared to the iOS where it does not have all the functionalities. Users who have been using Gmail for a while will relish the full functionality of Gmail on Nexus 7.

If you have been using Pocket Informant, the iPad version beats the Nexus 7 version hands down. The look and feel is much better, attractive colors and of course a lot of additional functionalities compared to the Android-based device. Skype for iPad again is a much superior compared to the one on Nexus 7. Call quality is better and the display is far better on the iPad than on the Nexus 7.

Zite is another app that debuted on the iPad. To say the least the iPad version should be rated 10/10, while the Nexus 7 should be lucky to get away with even 2/10. Flipboard too is a much better app on the iPad compared to the Nexus 7.