ChargeCard, an elegant iPhone charger

A decade ago, batteries in our mobile phones lasted for over a week, but with smartphones, batteries don’t even last till the afternoon. Manufacturers have been looking at various solutions, like Motorola has managed to put 3300 mAh battery into Motorola Droid Razr MAXX. The iPhone 4 comes with 1420 mAh battery pack while the iPhone 4S comes with 1432 mAh battery, and this won’t last for long. The only solution is to carry around your iPhone charger or an accessory, but here’s a cool accessory called ChargeCard.

ChargeCard is basically a charger for iPhone, but in an easy to carry around form factor. In the past decade, we have seen how popular USB ports have become. You can find a USB port in your car, a wall plug or even in public transport. According to ChargeCard, a person should carry only keys, phone and a wallet, which is where ChargeCard comes into picture. ChargeCard is a charger in credit card form factor. Yes, the entire thing is designed to fold flat so that it takes space no more than a standard credit card.

On one end, the accessory has the standard 30 pin dock connector which connects to your iPhone while a flat foldable USB connector is present on the other end connects to a USB power source. The USB connector can retract back into the card, so that it fits in your wallet easily. It is thin enough so that you wouldn’t even know that you’re carrying it around, and it won’t tangle with other stuff in your pocket either.

The cards are 0.1 inches thick and fundamentally it is an extremely simple concept, but the elegance comes from the fact that it fits in a wallet. Since the USB cable is flexible, you don’t require having USB port flat to the level of iPhone.
The folks from ChargeCard have made the design and finalized it, however they need your support to move this product to production. If you want to buy this, you can pledge $18 or more and they will send you the product instead. So remember, carry only keys, phone and a wallet. The project has already attracted 711 backers who have pledged $18,676, and their goal is to collect $50,000, which shouldn’t be tough as the product is usable and innovative. Head over to KickStarter to view the video made by Noah Dentzel & Adam Miller and pledge.

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