Cashlog One Click, In-App Billing Solution SDK Launched

Cashlog launched Thursday, July 5th, a Software Development Kit (SDK) of a mobile payment system for Android devices in a bid to address developers’ need to monetize their apps by integrating a direct carrier billing to their respective payment option. Cashlog offers one click billing system for users in every in-app content they may want to purchase. In other words, aside from having a safety medium to do mobile payment transactions, everything is made easier for users.

Cashlog SDK allows users to purchase without leaving the comfort of the app and without using or divulging personal information such as credit card or phone numbers. Moreover, this SDK ensures that the automatic number recognition works like a charm since no other payment information is entered when doing a transaction. It is expected to work seamlessly on either 3G or Wi-Fi network.

“The 1 click buy experience over Wi-Fi is the competitive advantage of Cashlog’s Android in-app solution, considering that the majority of users connect to the mobile internet this way,” said Cashlog’s Head, Guido Mangiagalli. Not all apps that accept payments or conduct online purchases have the capability to connect through Wi-Fi network and do SIM card number recognition functionality. But of course, it is given that Cashlog would be able to connect through a 3G network as well.

“We worked hard to make the experience the same as if you are in 3G: seamless, fast and secure. We are confident that our Android in-app solution will further increase successful sales for merchants,” Mangiagalli added.

Seventy percent (70%) of smartphone users in the United States connect online through Wi-Fi networks and the same figure applies to Germany, Hong Kong and Spain. The point is, Cashlog did a good job to bring automatic number recognition even when using a Wi-Fi network.

Currently, there are approximately 464,000 apps in the Google Play Store. With Cashlog SDK on the way, developers are given greater chances to earn from the products of their hardwork.