Boost sound volume with Volume+

There are times when you feel that the sound output of your Android device just isn’t loud enough even at full volume, and you can’t do anything about it. Well, the problem isn’t hopeless after all, thanks to Volume+.

At times you’re not able to hear the music via your headphones and you curse the headphones, but actual problem may lie in the phone itself. Volume+ can fix the problem, and it does it system wide. The application is essentially designed to boost the sound performance of a wired headset, and it does exactly what it promises to do, increase the volume well beyond stock operating system’s capability.

How is it able to do that? It is able to function by exploiting the EQ settings (AudioEffect.api), because of which it may be unstable on some devices, but the developer promises it to work just fine if you’re on stock ROM. With Volume+, you will be able to squeeze out more bass and treble out of your Android smartphone, and there are few presets which does justice to your music. Since the settings you set on Volume+ are applied system wide, Volume+ will also work just fine with Google Music, Pandora, Slacker or any music player of your choice, without its own equalizer.

Since it works using an exploit, you may blast your speakers trying to boost volume, so we suggest you to be caution by starting at 9 and going up thereafter. Nevertheless, Volume+ is a great app to have if your phone is a bit silent for your taste and you want to improve the volume dramatically. The latest version allows you to have different settings for speaker and headset, so now it has a speaker on/off toggle, which otherwise can damage your speakers. Also it comes with bass enhancer, and at $1.99, it’s a great piece of software to have on your Android smartphone. For those who don’t want to spend, there’s a free version with fewer choice of settings available in the Play Store.