BlackBerry 10’s nifty predictive keyboard comes to iOS

At BlackBerry World 2012’s Keynote address back in May, Research in Motion showcased BlackBerry 10 operating system which featured a nifty predictive touch input keyboard interface which works on gesture-based predictive text system.

BlackBerry 10 keyboard makes use of gestures on the device which apparently enables the users to have a keyboard which learns as you type while allowing the user to customize its features. BlackBerry users will have to wait for some more time to get their hands on this feature, but iOS users can have it right this moment.

iOS developer, Mario Hros, had announced that he would be working to bring BlackBerry 10’s nifty keyboard to iOS as soon as possible. It’s been over a month since he started developing the new keyboard and now it’s available in Cydia. The keyboard is titled as Octopus Keyboard, and requires you to have your iPhone or iPod Touch jailbroken in order to install it.

The idea behind RIM’s predictive text keyboard and now the Octopus Keyboard is that you can swipe on the keyboard in order to auto-complete words. It’s essentially a cross breed of Swype input and auto-correction that is already found in iOS. Basically, the keyboard get cleverer as you use it, and takes notice of your frequently used words. It will suggest words by placing the suggestions in spaces between the keys or above the keys, and this is what sets it apart from the classic touchscreen keyboard. Since you can select which suggestion you want to accept by swiping on to it, basically you don’t end up accepting the wrong predictive words, which can be embarrassing at times, nor are you required to deal with an extra row of content which is typically found in Swype based touchscreen input.

BlackBerry users will get to see this new keyboard when BlackBerry 10 launches, while jailbroken iOS users can have it for $4.99. In order to search for Octopus Keyboard, you should add the repository,, into Cydia. Is this something you fancy? Let us know using the comment form below.

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