BlackBerry 10 Roadmap Leaked – Will 2013 Be Too Late?

Rim’s BlackBerry has been in a tough spot for quite some time now. Although there has been plenty of news about the BlackBerry 10 OS and features and products related to it, but as you, all might know that RIM has delayed the launch of BlackBerry 10 to 2013. Most critics say that it will be the final nail in the coffin of RIM because 2013 might be too late for RIM. However, the roadmap for BlackBerry 10 has recently been leaked, which will give more information on what could be on the way and what to expect.

The BlackBerry L-Series and N-Series were due to be launched this year, which were dubbed London and Nevada. These are/were the first BlackBerry handsets that will be running on the BlackBerry 10 OS. However, their launch has been delayed until 2013. However, there have also been rumours about RIM collaborating with Google to produce cell phones running on Android, which did seem like another opportunity that RIM missed.

For now, it seems like that RIM is keeping all of its eggs in one basket. This is a strategy that solely relies upon the success of BlackBerry 10 OS and the services / products that come along with it. However, most analysts feel that this might be too late for RIM. The roadmap that was leaked recently, not only includes the detail timeframes of BlackBerry 10 OS, but also about products that we have only heard about and some more details as well. However, keep in mind that none of this information is confirmed by RIM, so it is just a taste of what is to come in RIM’s BlackBerry.

According to the roadmap, the BlackBerry 4G PlayBook in Q4 will be launched within this year and as for 2013, the BlackBerry 10 L-Series (London) and N-Series (Nevada) will be launched in 2013, in Q1. The launch will start from Europe and then later on it will be launched in North America. As for the details about these handsets, the L-Series will be a touch screen cell phone whereas the N-Series will come with a physical QWERTY keyboard, probably similar to the one we have already seen on BlackBerry sets countless times, but some innovation might be there.

After the launch of these devices, the BlackBerry 10 upgrade for PlayBook will soon be available in Q1 or Q2, in 2013 as well. More devices are also listed in this roadmap and one of which is the BlackBerry Nashville that is scheduled in 2013 for Q2 or Q3. BlackBerry Blackforest is another PlayBook that is due next year in Q3. And lastly, the last device due in 2013, according to this roadmap is the BlackBerry Naples, due in Q3 or Q4.

The launch of BlackBerry 10 OS North America will be with a 3 – 4 weeks later than Europe, which might happen in the first week of January. RIM is launching the BlackBerry 10 OS in Europe first because it has more positive hope to be successful there, as compared to North America. But for now, we all can hope and wait that RIM is successful in staying in the market.

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