BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Update Now Available For Developers

BlackBerry 10 has been around for a while and it was about due time for its software update. Well, the good news is that, the software update did come through from BlackBerry. However, this is more like a developer’s version of BlackBerry 10 update. Developers were anxiously waiting for this update to arrive, so now the waiting is over the developers of BlackBerry 10, because the latest software update for it is now available for download. The Dev Alpha device software was recently updated to the version and developers can download and install it now. However, in order to use the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha update, developers will have to use the PC and the latest beta version of BlackBerry desktop manager to install this update. When you successfully install the latest beta version of BlackBerry desktop manager, you can proceed to downloading and installing this latest update on your BlackBerry 10.

The latest software update for BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha has quite a few things that will keep the developers interested in this software update. For starters, RIM has added a whole bunch of different stuff for developers to feast upon. Things such as API access, which is new to this software update and in the BlackBerry App world functionality, so this is something that will be of interest to developers. Moreover, there are other additional features that resemble the functionality of SIRI. What it is and what it does is still a mystery until developers take it out step by and step to figure out its true purpose and how it benefits the users.

Rumors were going around for a while that BlackBerry might add features like Siri or S-Voice to its list of functions in their devices. But, not many people said that it would actually help RIM or they would prefer such features in their BlackBerry handsets. However, as of now, it does seems like that there might be a hint of Siri like features in the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha software update, which goes to show that BlackBerry has been working on such features for its handset and eventually. We will see more of this feature in BlackBerry handsets in the near future; given that, RIM is successful in developing it and actually making it work and look different from other similar features on its competitor’s handsets.

It is true that BlackBerry 10 smart phones always had voice control services built into their handsets. However, such features and servicer never had too much effort put into them, so they always remained incapable of grabbing user’s attention. For now, RIM has taken on a new venture into the field of voice control services and if it manages to make it work, then there is a possibility that there might be some room for the glorious executive handset brand of the past to make some room in the future market. However, this alone will not ensure success for RIM in the future, as its competitors are already leaps and bounds ahead. So for now, we leave you with the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha update and see what comes of it and how it affects RIM.