Birds On A Wire for Android Review

Well-established Russian game developer and publisher HeroCraft released Thursday, July 12th, Birds On A Wirefor Android. This is a remake of the popular PC game of the same name released in 2006. Kaliningrad-based mobile game developer did a good job in bringing this game to mobile. The game is now offered at Google Play Store for just $0.99, a price that any Android owners are willing to take in exchange of pure entertainment.

Let’s try to put this game into a 5-point review system for us to know if it’s worth the time and price. While reviews are subjective, there are points which we can use to rate this game objectively. For Birds On A Wire, I will use the following to rate it: Gameplay, Controls, Graphics and Audio, Replayability and Entertainment Value, and Overall Impression.


At first, you will have a feeling that this game is patterned after the all-time popular Angry Birds but it’s not. Instead, it has more similarities with Zuma than any other games as far as gameplay is concerned. A line (wire) is stretched on the screen and this is where the birds will pass through. It is your job to match their colors to set them free.

If it’s your first time to play this tile-matching game, you would think it’s just another “shoot-down-to-win” game but it’s not because you are actually matching the colors to free the birds. There are 5 modes you can choose to fit your gaming mood; Adventure, Arcade, Action and 2 endless modes. Each of these modes has three difficulty levels—novice, advanced and expert.

Birds On A Wire is simple but stylish. It may leave an impression as a game easier to finish but as you progress into the later levels, you will find yourself almost panicky as the birds near their end. I think HeroCraft did a good job in putting a really good gameplay into this version.


As far as controls are concerned, Birds On A Wire is pretty straightforward. You will have two options inside the game. The first option is the easier one because you just have to tap anywhere on screen and the cannon will automatically point to such direction and shoot.

The second option is still easy but you have to pan on screen to point the cannon to the direction you want it to shoot. The disadvantage of this option is that it will take a little time to do while affecting your accuracy as the targets are moving.

That said, targeting is made more difficult when playing on Android devices with smaller screen because both hand and finger can block the view while shooting. Owners of devices with 4 inches screen size and up are lucky enough to play it.


The representation of the birds in this game is not bad at all but the fact that it uses birds as tiles, anyone could easily relate it to Angry Birds. Now, the big difference between these two as far as graphical representation is concerned is the fact that birds in this game are cute and not angry.

Each level has different backgrounds so there are a variety of colors that would surprise you each time you advance. One of the annoying levels is level 3; the color of the background just hurts my eyes.

There is nothing bad about the current graphics Birds On A Wire comes packed with but there are rooms for improvements. While I love the game as it is, its graphical representation is not as appealing as I expected. In short, it lacks the “wow” factor that gamers often look for in a game.

Replayability/Entertainment Value

The game poses a challenge in every level and while the first five levels are easy to complete, the more difficult ones are calling you to play again and defeat the challenge. Beginners or seasoned, all gamers want to finish all 50 levels and be the one among their friends to get the highest score. The deeper Facebook and Twitter integration allow you to compete with your friends through these social networks.

Birds On A Wire has its own way of telling you to take your Android device out and play whenever you are idle. For those who have just started playing this game, you will find yourself thinking of it from time to time and the next time you play Angry Birds, you can surely remember it.

Anybody can find this Android game app entertaining. Unlike other apps which take time to load especially on devices with lower specs, Birds On A Wire will not keep you waiting. So your gaming mood is not affected by anything and by the time the game is fully loaded, navigating through each menu is lighter. Basically, the challenges are the ones responsible for adding entertainment value to it.

Overall Impression

I have played and finished Zuma and all versions of Angry Birds so I know exactly how these games make an appeal to me. Birds On A Wire is completely different game with different challenges. It awakens the lighter side of you in a sense that when you know the story behind it and indulge yourself into the game, you will feel better completing every level. There is no restriction as to the age of the people who want to play it, but it does make a really good appeal to children than to adults. For $0.99, you will get a game that would entertain you or your children whenever, wherever. The truth is, Birds On A Wire is a family game.


Birds On A Wire is a kind of game you can recommend to your friends. Aside from being budget-friendly, it offers a unique kind of entertainment that you cannot find in other games in its category. There are 179 Android devices that support it so unless you have a very unusual device or the one that operates on Android version 2.0 or below, you will never encounter any incompatibility issues with it. Other information is provided below:

Title: Birds On A Wire

Developer: HeroCraft

Size: 9.7 MB

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Price: $0.99

Buy From: Google Play Store

Reviewer’s Rating: 4.5 / 5


This is NOT a paid review. HeroCraft provided us with a review copy of Birds On A Wire a day after it was made available on Google Play Store. Everything mentioned here are based on personal experiences of the reviewer. We don’t review games or apps we haven’t used.

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