Beware Android Users

With the year 2012 in full swing one does need to have a new cool smartphone with new and exciting apps however, watch out all android users, the next time you go on a rampage of downloading these new and exciting apps from the internet be careful. Yes people, there is a new malware out in the world which is as dangerous as ever, with a ferocious name known as the Fireleaker which was found by the NQ Mobile Security Research Center. This malware my friends isn’t an ordinary malware which normally just sends premium text messages or installs a keylogger to steal your passwords and personal bank information, no friends no, it actually steals all your contacts and the system information in your phone. It collects all your contacts from your phone and uploads it on a whole new remote server and the scary bit is that no one knows why, however, it is most likely assumed that the information might be sold to email spammers.

This is extremely critical news for all android users as; if the information goes to the email spammers your contacts would be bombarded with all kinds of spams and viruses. The software can also be used by SMS spammers who might directly send spam text messages to your contacts.

It is still not clear which apps are infected by this malware but most commonly it is disguised as a widget which collects the information really quietly while on your home screen and then later on just as quietly uploads the entire information on a remote server. It also collects the device information like the IMEI and your service provider name.

In order to avoid being caught the malware uses a timer which connects to the server after about every 4 minutes. NQ Mobile states that the server starts with the range 91.230 which is almost used only by Russia.

With a big and bad malware out over the internet it does make all android users worried and anxious about spams but not to worry folks we provide simple solutions to you through a number of ways by just adopting a few precautionary steps on your phone and your phone is malware and spam free.

  • It is most likely that malware trusted apps are distributed through third untrusted app stores. So in order to stay malware free make sure to only download apps from either the Google Play app store or the Amazon app store. Also be sure to check the reviews and comments by other users.
  • Be sure to see what permissions are being requested by the apps and any app which requests any unnecessary requests shouldn’t be downloaded.
  • In order to make sure your phone is completely safe be sure to download an antivirus on your mobile.

So keep on downloading and enjoying the amazing world of android on your smart phones with a million apps over the internet however do make sure that you keep your eyes out for the Fireleaker. We might have any app for that coming up but for the time being we have to tackle it this way only.

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