Best meme apps of all time

Everybody loves to laugh and these cartoons called “memes” are trending these days. There’s no doubt that meme’s are hysterical. You can create memes similar to the one above yourself using various apps. Let’s review some of the best apps for memes on your Android smartphone.

9GAG: is an image based social networking site which runs on user uploaded image content. The website is highly active and 9GAG app lets you browse through the whole database easily. The app doesn’t let you create your own memes, but allows you to have a good laugh viewing the memes in a mobile optimized layout. There’s a paid version of the app called 9GAG+ which costs $0.99 and adds features such as login, access to the vote page, Liking gags, Swiping to browse and many more.

MemeDroid: Memedroid is again a meme reader which lets you view funny memes, but at the same time it also lets you create memes of your own. You can add comment, rate rage comics and the likes. The paid version of the app which is called as ‘MemeDroid Pro’, costs $1.30 and has additional features such ‘Offline store’ which lets you read the memes when you are not connected to a data network. Also, the paid version is advert free.

ModFace: ModFace is an intriguing app which lets you click pictures of people and stick a meme, like troll face or poker face, on their faces. The app detects the subject’s face instantly and gives you wide range of meme characters to replace their face with. It also has an integrated Share menu which lets you do everything a stock share menu offers.

The free version is ad supported and has a support for smaller gallery, while on the other hand the paid version, which costs $1.99, does away with both the limitations, and has a meme database of more than 50 meme characters. Apart from these limitations, free version can only detect up to 3 faces, while the paid version is able to detect at most 10 faces.

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