Benchmark Tests Reveal Quad-core CPU and 720p Display on Galaxy Note II

Recent benchmark tests have revealed that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note II will have a quad-core processor as well as a display with 720 pixels.

The benchmark tests did not exactly refer to the Samsung Galaxy Note II, but to the Samsung GT-N7100. Presumably, these two names refer to one and the same device, since the original Samsung Galaxy Note was called the Samsung GT-N7000.

Rumors of the forthcoming device had been circulating for some time, including one that points to a larger display and a smaller bezel which will allow the device to have a more compact form.

Going back to the benchmark tests, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is believed to have the Exynos 4412 CPU as its processor coupled with Mali 400 graphics. This is contrary to earlier rumors that surmised that the Note II would have a Cortex A15 processor. Those familiar with the innards of the Samsung Galaxy S III would recognize the CPU and GPU tandem as the same duo found on the S III. Samsung’s choice to stick with the same formula could mean that the Cortex A15 is for future iterations of the phablet or even on its tablets.

Despite having the same processor, the Samsung Galaxy Note II has a higher score compared to the S III in the Offscreen test. This possibly means that Samsung has done some overclocking on the device. Last year, the Korean company did the same with the first Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S II. The processor of the new Note has a maximum clock speed of 1.6GHz while the one on the S III has a frequency of 1.4GHz.

Meanwhile, the pixel display resolution of the Note II is said to be 1280 x 720 pixels whereas its OS is Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The device is expected to be announced at the IFA event in Berlin on August 30. Sales could start in September to pre-empt the launch of the new iPhone.

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  1. I suspect that there are several BIG errors in this rumor. Dropping to a 720 resolution makes no sense at all.

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