Barclays Launch a Mobile Banking App for UK Customers

UK banks have been in the field lately in terms of offering its customers apps that allows them to carry out banking transactions via their phones. However, so far all the apps by UK banks have been launched only for the BlackBerry handset owners. In this list of banking applications for phones, Barclays has offered the latest edition for its customers in the form of a mobile app, which by its looks of its features, looks better than the other similar apps that were provided by the other banks previously.

For other apps that were previously launched by different banks in the UK, those apps required the user to register for the service and then they were allowed to go through the security process. Once the user completes both of these steps, he can then start using the banking app, by entering the 5 digit pass-code every time the app is launched on the user’s handset.

Do not be mistaken that it is the first app that Barclays has launched for BlackBerry, because back in February 2012, there was an app by Barclays called the Barclays Pingit. The Barclays Pingit was a simple app, which allowed its users to transfer money from their account to another Barclays customers without having to visit the bank. So, if we consider the Barclays Pingit, then we can say that Barclays is more into providing its customers with BlackBerry apps at the moment than any other bank in the UK.

Following are the key features of the latest app launched by Barclays bank for BlackBerry users.

  • Users can check their latest balances via this app
  • Users can view their most recent transactions
  • Users can use this app in order to transfer funds between their accounts
  • Make a payee list if you have a few or just one person you make payments to on periodic basis. You can also include people you have paid before in this list as well, if you have to make more payments to them
  • Find your nearest Barclays bank branch or ATM via this app
  • It keeps your accounts safe. The new log in process is made simpler for access. However, there have been no compromises made security wise as it is still using the same advanced level of security that you see in Online Banking.

It would not be wrong to say that Barclays is certainly stepping up the mobile banking apps scene with their latest edition. However, the only disadvantage of this app or any other similar app at the moment is that, it is only available for BlackBerry users. If Barclays or any other bank in the UK wishes to enhance its user’s experience, they should consider developing banking apps for other major smart phones that are being used in the UK as well. Smart phones such as iPhone, HTC, and Samsung are most commonly used in the UK and their combined users exceed the number of users that own a BlackBerry. May be Barclays knows this or maybe they are already working on providing the same app for other smart phone users as well. This, only time can tell, and we will be here to tell you this news as soon as it happens.