Away Text to auto respond on Android

Smartphones have become an important part of our lives. There are few moments where it is not nice to pull out your phone in order to reply a text or answer a call, or there are some dangerous situations where pulling out your phone can get you killed, like when driving. Thankfully there’s an app for everything, and for this situation we have Away Text.

Away Text describes itself as “Stop veering into other people’s lanes trying to respond to a missed text. Seriously, what if there’s an attractive person in the car you’re about to hit? You’ve just blown any chance you had.
Bottom line, downloading this app will make you a better person.”

It is an app which when installed will send an automatic response from your phone letting the person on the other end know that you are busy and not in a position to reply to their call or text message. Let’s review Away Text.

Interface: Away Text uses a simple interface which is easy to navigate around. There’s a text box where you insert your ‘busy’ message. The on/off switch on the top right corner of the screen allows the user to either enable or disable Away Text. When enabled, the app will send your ‘busy’ message as a text message to the person on other end. It also recollects previous 100 statuses so that you can quickly select one.

Tapping on the second icon at the top takes you to Missed Calls list. It displays a simple list of texts or calls that were sent the pre-set auto response message. If the same person texts or calls you multiple times, only one auto response text will be sent and the person’s number will appear only once on Missed Calls screen. In order to get an inclusive list of all the missed calls, you will still have to visit your phone’s default app.

Tapping on the third icon will take you the Settings screen. On this screen, you can choose as to when the app should send the auto reply. You can either instruct the app to respond in an event of missed call, missed text or both. Also you can control the behavior of app towards unknown numbers by ticking off “contacts only” option, in case of which the app will send auto response only to numbers present on your contacts list.

The working: In order to activate the operations of Away Text, you have to authorize it every time by firing up the app, add your auto response text (or you can select one from the list), position the slide button to ON and you’re good to go. When activated, it completely silences your smartphone, including sound and vibrations, so that you aren’t distracted. The app also allows you to integrate itself with social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook. Once authorized, Away Text will automatically post your auto-response to those sites on your behalf when you are away or busy.

The app sends auto response message to a contact only once. For instance, you have Away Text activated on your smartphone and your friend decides to text you. The app will reply your friend with auto response message that you have pre-set. Now, if your friend replies to the previous message, the app will not send the person the pre-set message again, which is a great feature if you do not have some kind of messaging pack on.

To conclude, it is a great piece of software your Android phone can have, in fact it is a must have if you have a history of being involved in accidents which are connected to your smartphone usage. The free version can be downloaded from the Google Play Store over here, however, the free version will have the auto response text appended with “Sent by Away Text.”. The advert can be disabled by upgrading to Away Text Pro for 99 cents.

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