Aviary, a photo editor for Android

All Android smartphones come with a camera, and it’s a good hardware feature. The phone camera’s output quality may not be comparable to DSLR’s output, however, you cannot pull out your DSLR for every interesting moment you see, nor is it comfortable to carry it around everywhere. A phone camera is practical, so how about editing these pics on the go? There are boat loads of photo editing apps out there, and there’s a new one launching every second day. Let’s take a look at solid photo editing app called Aviary Photo Editor.

Aviary is basically a powerful photo editor that allows us to edit our photos on the go with no much fuss. It’s an innovative app that started out as a web based photo editing suite. The web version is really functional, and so is the Android app. The app is compatible on devices running Android 2.2 or higher.

Interface: Aviary has an intuitive and simple user interface that is very easy to use. When you launch the app, you’ll be welcomed with a carousel that contains various image files that are available on your device and ready to be edited. If you wish to click a photo and edit it in the app, you can do it by launching the stock camera app from Aviary itself. You can also choose an image from your phone’s gallery by using the stock gallery app or favorite file viewer of your choice. You can share the edited images from the app too.
The app comes with 16 different tools to improve the picture. Once the image is selected using one of the methods mentioned above, you can find a toolbar which contains all the 16 tools. Some of the tools include:

Basic editing tools: Most of the photo editing apps out there, including Aviary, offer features like Sharpness, Orientation, Crop, Contrast, Brightness, Warmth, Saturation and more.

Enhance: You can enhance the image using various pre-set settings such as auto, daylight, night or color balance.

Effects: The app originally comes with 12 effects, but there are three more packs available in the Play Store containing six effects each. Each additional pack will cost $0.99. The effect feature is similar to Instagram’s filter.

Stickers: These are vector graphics that can be applied to your pictures. They’re fun and additional set is available for free in the Play Store.

Draw: This feature actually lets you draw using variety of brush sizes and colors.

Text: You can add a text message on the image if you wish to.

Meme: The feature is similar to text, but it allows you to create a meme style image by letting you add two funny lines on the image of your choice.

Cosmetic tools: This is one of the most interesting features of the app. There are many apps which are able to remove red eye, but not all the apps out there are able to whiten the teeth or remove blemishes in order to get a smooth skin. Aviary lets you do all this just by tapping, which is remarkable.

Aviary lets you re-arrange the tools on toolbar so that you can access the tools that you tend to use more often effortlessly. The app also allows the user to choose a file size limit and folder path where the app should save the output images.

So how to edit photos on Aviary easily?
Aviary offers so many tools, and each tool can improve the quality of the photograph substantially. It’s always preferred to start editing with basic tools by adjusting basic parameters such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, warmth and saturation. The image can be cropped if needed with the crop tool. You can either crop your snap using freeform mode or Aviary lets you adapt the image to a particular aspect ratio. The parameters of basic tools can be adjusted using a horizontal rotating wheel, which gives a nice haptic feedback when rotated.

For portrait shots, cosmetic tools can be used. Redeye tool does a good job at detecting and removing redeye. You can perform teeth whitening by using the Whiten tool, which requires you to run your finger over teeth in order to perform whitening, and the results are pretty decent. Spots and pimples can be removed using the blemish tool, but since it also blurs the skin at the same time, I suggest you to use this feature carefully.

The annotation tool does what it says. There’s a Draw tool which gives you a round brush with which you can draw by running your finger over the picture. The feature doesn’t give you an option to choose different brush tips or shapes, but it does let you choose different colors. There are few flaws though, like there’s no muti step undo button, and pressing the back button on your devices wipes everything and text tool doesn’t support backspaces. You can add stickers for fun, or create a meme out of your friend just to have a good laugh. Adding effects to the photo is possible using 12 built in effects, and additional effect can be bought from Play Store.

To conclude, it’s a great piece of software and definitely worth the 4.4MB bandwidth that you would use to download it. You may find Aviary tools in other apps too, as the SDK is publicly available for free. Aviary is a must have if you’re looking for a decent photo editor that you can use on the go.

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