[email protected] To Release Motorola Atrix HD For Only $99.99 On July 15

Atrix HD, today’s highest resolution smartphone from Motorola will sell at $99.99 from [email protected] this coming Sunday, July 15. Users need to agree to a two-year contract with [email protected] to get the unit.

Featuring Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, the Atrix HD phone will have the Circle Widget on the home screen to allow users direct access to time, battery level notification, and [email protected] account. In addition, the Atrix will also have a pre-loaded Motorola app labeled SmartActions that will give customers suggestions to change the settings on the phone at any time of the day depending on the situation. The official line from Motorola says:

For instance, when you place the Motorola ATRIX HD in the Vehicle Navigation Dock accessory and enable Drive Smart, it will set your phone to vehicle mode, read your text messages aloud, auto-reply to incoming calls and texts as well as provide turn-by-turn navigation. You can also set rules for when your battery gets low by enacting the Battery Extender, which can help your battery last longer by turning off GPS, disabling background sync or other features you select.

Awesome it may seem, the Vehicle Dock  mentioned here will only work for a certain period of time after the “free” version runs out. Well, nothing comes free today, especially in the growing apps market.

Upgradability of the device to the next operating system version is yet to be confirmed from [email protected] at this time.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this phone is its advertised 4.5-inch “HD ColorBoost” screen, which has a 720×1280 at 300 ppi resolution.
The phone also packs an 8-megapixel rear-installed camera capable of capturing images at 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second and zero shutter lag. The front-facing camera comes at 720 HD, which is still terrific for such an inexpensive piece.

With its 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the Atrix HD will not tolerate any lags at all.

Hardware-wise, this smartphone is amazing considering its thickness at 8.4 mm. Motorola boasts about nano-coating technology inside the phone that enhances circuit-board protection. The external case “is made Kevlar strong for incredible stability in any situation,” according to Motorola.

Source: Motorola

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