AT&T Launches Copy of Verizon’s Mobile Share Plan

What appears to be an identical copy of the recently-launched share plan launched by Verizon, AT&T has revealed a set of shareable data plans for its users too. These plans, known as Mobile Share plans, are not mandatory at the moment, and allow users to share a fixed amount of data per month among ten different devices.

Users can opt for them or go for any other standard plans that AT&T currently offers for individual devices. There is however a connection fee that is applicable if the user opts for the Mobile Share plans, applicable for each device, making it quite steep. The plans and the fee structures are stunningly similar to what Verizon had launched earlier.

For a 1 GB data plan with unlimited talk and text, the monthly price is set at $40. In addition, users would have to pay an additional $45 for each smartphone that they connect to the plan. From here on, if the users prefer to add additional basic phones, $30/ mo will be charged for shared data and unlimited texting and calls. Laptops, mobile hotspot devices and netbooks will involve a cost of $20/mo for shared data connectivity. On the other hand, tablets and gaming devices will only cost $10/mo for shared connectivity.

Releasing these plans, the chief marketing officer for AT&T Mobility, David Christopher, mentioned that the idea is to provide a broad spectrum of choices. Using the mobile share plans, users are in a position to save more. It should appeal to users with a number of devices that are currently using separate data and voice plans and they can all share a single plan at a lower cost. Having said, the current plans are also available and users may opt for them as per their individual needs.