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AT&T HTC One X Price Dropping to $99 on Sunday

The HTC One X has been known to be one the greatest Android phones at the moment. After Samsung’s Galaxy S III came along, rumors have unleashed that AT&T will be reducing the price of the HTC One X to a low price of $100 on a two year contract. People looking for low price phones are going to love this deal when it comes about tomorrow. A few XDA members have said that it will definitely not appeal to the hardcore tech fanatics since Samsung’s Galaxy S III was just recently released upon the market but it will appeal to those who are looking for a decent phone at a low cost on a two year contract. Rumors of all this news came from an AT&T staff member that also happens to be a member of the XDA Developers’ forums.

There are many rumors floating around the XDA forums, and XDA member surflamj, an AT&T staff, says that “This is the new price point, no special or deal.” This is good news for everyone, the HTC One X will not be on a limited sale but will permanently drop it’s price point to $100 on a two year contact. Those who aren’t able to get it while people thought it was just a “sale” should be very happy. No more rumors that this might just be a sale, it is definitely a fact, at least from what the XDA member claims.

Another rumor claims that HTC is dropping the price because they have been pushed out of the spotlight so to speak. Being pushed out of the spotlight is due to the popularity of Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Again, this is just another rumor just like the price drop and is not necessarily true. It does make a lot of sense though and is obviously a good idea to drop the price of the HTC One X to try and get it back in the spotlight.

Right now this is still a rumor, but if you were to buy a phone from AT&T right now definitely wait until Sunday when the price will supposedly drop on the HTC One X. This isn’t the only interesting thing though. Samsung’s Galaxy S III colored in a daring red will also be available for pre-order on Sunday. This brings up an interesting conflict. A cheap and fairly nice phone or Samsung’s popular high end Galaxy S III colored in red?

The AT&T One X specs are quite nice for it dropping to $100. The device runs on Qualcomm’s Sanpdragon S4 chip with integrated LTE and manufactured on battery-savvy 28nm technology. In terms of productivity, it’s definitely equal to Samsung’s recent Galaxy S III. In terms of performance and mobile gaming some XDA users have argued that it blows the HTC One X out of the water.

Here’s the burning question…would you take a more affordable and nice phone like the HTC One X or Samsung’s Galaxy S III that supposedly blows the HTC One X out of the water? Let us know in the comments! We’ll keep you updated tomorrow to see if all of these rumors prove to be true.

source: Phone Arena

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