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Are Windows Phone Apps Better In Quality Than Apps on Google Play Store?

This question never popped in anyone’s mind before, but suddenly after reading the title, everyone is thinking about it! Well to break the ice, the credit of this question goes to Microsoft that recently made a presentation that showed that Windows Phone users have the same number of apps installed on their phones as the Android users. In the presentation, it was mentioned that the average number of apps downloaded on a Windows Phone was basically equal to the average number of apps downloaded on Android handsets. The stats showing the results of this presentation was released by the Redmond based software giant, which showed that as of last March, the average Windows Phone model downloaded 50.9 apps.

As of last year November’s figures, the average Android handset user also installed 50.9 apps. However, both Windows and Android handset figures were trailed sharply by the number of apps that were installed on an average Apple iPhone as of March 2012. According to the stats, the average iPhone user had installed 88 apps on their device.

These stats do tend to give an idea that the importance that was given to the number of apps available on an online application store is nothing because it is the quality of apps that matter the most and not the quantity. Moreover, it might also reduce the importance given to certain handsets that supported extra memory when the user needed it because extra storage is nothing if you do not have quality apps to use it for. Since, both Windows Phone and Apple iPhone lack the slot for a micro SD card, the extra storage requirement is out of the question because handsets from both of these manufacturers are doing pretty well without the advantage of extra memory slot.

The recent Android models usually support up to 32 GB micro SD card. Moreover, the handsets that are running on Android version 2.2 or higher, have the option of storing certain apps on their micro SD card without having to use the phone’s internal memory. This would give any person the idea that the average android user has the incentive to install more apps on their smart phones as compared to Apple iPhone and Windows Phone users. However, that is not the reality.

You can take it as a bottom line that Windows Phone Marketplace does have higher quality apps as compared to the apps found on Google Play Store because the average apps installed on both handsets are the same, despite the fact that the number of apps available on Google Play Store easily outnumbers the apps available on Windows Phone Marketplace.

However, this cannot be related to the large number of apps installed on an average Apple iPhone because Apple does have more apps in its store as compared to Windows Phone Marketplace and Google Play Store. So, we can say that Apple iPhone users have more apps installed on their handsets because they have a fairly large number of apps to choose from as compared to Windows and Android users.

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