Are Corrupt App Store Updates to be blamed for Recent Crashes in iOS and Mac Apps?

Apple’s Store is the one place where iPhone, iPad, and Mac users can find useful applications for their gadgets. Apple store is one of the main reasons behind the success of Apple lately. Apple generates a lot of revenue from its application store and when there is a problem in it, and then it means a problem for both parties. Something like this happened recently when Apple’s selling points with Mac and iOS app stores faced some problems. As we all know, Mac and iOS store is a place where people can safely shop and download trusted and secure applications and updates for their Apple devices but, in the last few days, some problems have been reported in the App store, which may have disrupted the system. Marco Arment of Instapaper Developer writes that when the 4.2.3 update of his reading app came out a day before, users faced problems with it. What kind of problems? Crashing instantly upon launch – that kind of problems!

The archive Arment submitted to Apple was working without any such issues. However, a few hours later, this problem was mysteriously solved without any explanation from anyone. However, the problem took long enough to solve for the users to contact Arment, who also reported similar problems over the past few days. These users were not only iOS users but Mac app users as well.

The solution that Arment provided was to reinstall the app after the previously corrupted copy had been deleted entirely from the device. However, having a copy of a working app is the question here, which most users did not have. It is confirmed news that several other programs listed by Arment were also reportedly had issues. Apps such as Angry Birds Space HD Free and PDX Bus were among the apps that were reported to be not working properly. However, other apps such as SmartReporter for Mac now appear to be working fine and updating correctly.

iPad apps also faced similar issues when GoodReader suffered from a mysterious glitch. According to its developers, the apps have been having issues since its past two updates including the 3.16.0, which was released a few days ago. Moreover, the developers of GoodReader state that the problem started from the encryption issue from the App Store’s side, which evidently resulted in app launching problems for the users. The good news is that, GoodReader’s developers have been helpful enough to provide a lengthy tutorial for its users, telling them how they do not have to lose the GoodReader data by rolling back to a previous working version of this app.

This is all the news for now, as other apps have not reported to have problems or the problem has not surfaced yet for other apps. So, Apple product users should be careful about these apps and their updates in order to ensure they do not face any loss of data due to corruption in the launching of these applications as this might damage the image of Apple in the long run.

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